Kid's Fishing Activities

Fishing trip request Kids are drawn to the water. In fact, JB spends so much time on the lake because he is still a kid at heart! If your child loves the outdoors and being on the water, consider celebrating a birthday or other special occasion on the lake with JB.

Kids Fishing ActivitiesFishing is a great activity for kids and teens who may not be into team sports, yet still enjoy the outdoors. Not only is fishing a good skill to have, it’s a healthy activity compared to video games, internet surfing, and watching TV!

Most kids are thrilled just to go on a boat ride, but JB tosses in a few surprises along with his special brand of humor to make each fishing trip a guaranteed good time for all. Fishing trips are customized to the expertise level of the child or group of children. Your child will enjoy a lot of fun fishing and even learn a few things along the way!

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